[pjsip] Port 5060 conflict

Shamun toha md shamun.toha at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 13:29:06 CDT 2010

Dear Sir,

This is a new trouble ticket request.

My goal is building a soft phone (no sip server etc etc) using
PJSIP/PJLIB/PJSUA. In this test suite, i am running my own Asterisk testing
server using 5060 port.

- Build/compile PJSUA sample code from  (
- While Asterisk running if i run this Simple PJSUA, i get this error
20:14:48.863            APP  Error creating transport: Address already in
use [status=120098]

Please have a look in the screen shot: http://i.imgur.com/RV9Fa.png

- if i shutdown my Asterisk server, and re run the PJ C example code, it

Question: Can you please kindly tell me from where  i should start my
journey to make a SIPphone (not sip server) using PJSIP?

Thank you
Best regards

N.B: Is there any #pjsip in irc.freenode.net somewhere?
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