[pjsip] PJSIP 1.7 iphone port - remote echo issue with speaker phone

Rob Wilkes wilkrob at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 10:46:48 CDT 2010

Hi, I am running PJSIP 1.7 on an iphone (3GS as well as 4). I checked out
the trunk today and built it exactly as per specs. When I make a call and
switch the iphone to speaker mode, the remote party hears his/her own voice
back very prominently. According to the release notes of 1.7, it should be
using the iphone's native echo canceller and this should not be happening
(or, atleast, the remote echo should not be so prominent). Is there any
additional setting I need to do?

I assume 1.7's audio driver should already be doing what the old
http://code.google.com/p/pjsip-iphone-audio-driver/ effort did. Is that
correct? (since this was created for older versions of JPJSIP and PJSIP has
evolved since)

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