[pjsip] Multiple subscribes in a dialog question.

Wang Eric eric_wanga at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 12 20:30:54 CST 2010

Hi Benny and All,
I have suffered a problem in these days.
When there incoming a subscribe, The on_new_transaction() will be called to create dialog sub list.
 dlgsub_head = (struct dlgsub*) dlg->mod_data[mod_evsub.mod.id];
 if (dlgsub_head == NULL) 
  // allocate a new dlgsub instance 
  // Point to the first dlgsub in the list..
 dlgsub = dlgsub_head->next;    
However, we have the following problem..

Please correct me in case of my missunderstand, thanks!

(1) Where the dlg->mod_data[mod_evsub.mod.id] was initialized? 
pjsip_dlg_add_usage is the one who initial the dlg->mod_data.
Is that correct?
(2) We found if multiple subscribes were received, the last one will overwrite the previous one in the dlgsub list.
My question was should we allocate a new node once the dlgsub not NULL
 dlgsub_head = (struct dlgsub*) dlg->mod_data[mod_evsub.mod.id];
 if (dlgsub_head == NULL) {
  // allocate new node
      // Allocate new node and attach to the existed list
Champion Wang

Best Regards!
eric_wanga at hotmail.com 

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