[pjsip] Python multi-threaded pjsua

Paris Stamatopoulos mobius at realize.gr
Tue Apr 19 05:49:43 CDT 2011

Hello everyone,

First off let me say congratulations on this perfect library.

I'm new to PJSIP and I am trying to create a simple python app that will create a separate pjsua lib thread that will register a user to a remote server (one thread per registration). I created a new class extending threading.Thread and in the run I started the library using .start() only to be greeted by:

Assertion `!"Calling pjlib from unknown/external thread. You must " "register external threads with pj_thread_register() " "before calling any pjlib functions."' failed.

I tried googling the error and I found that there is a thread_register() in _pjsua but I haven't figured out the intended use.

Could anyone throw in an example or give me directions on where to search?

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