[pjsip] Where does PJSIP Expect opencore-amr to be?

Spencer MacDonald spencer.macdonald.other at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 14:59:59 EST 2012


I have built opencore-amr for iOS and it has installed the binary in
/usr/local/lib but it seems like PJSIP doesn't look there.

The following gets logged in the console:

checking for OpenCORE AMR-NB installations..
checking opencore-amrnb/interf_enc.h usability... no
checking opencore-amrnb/interf_enc.h presence... no
checking for opencore-amrnb/interf_enc.h... no
checking for Encoder_Interface_init in -lopencore-amrnb... no

At first I thought it was my PATH but even update that didn't fix it:


Any advice?

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