[pjsip] Question about background Mode

Ashraf Jaddo ash.x.ash at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 13 15:42:30 EST 2012

I am using <pjsua-lib/pjsua.h> to interface with PJSIP in my APP and so far I am getting what I need from PJSIP..

I started to look at the background mode and I am a lil bit confused, I was able to code my own socket and make sure it is running what the APP is in the background but with PJSIP I think I am missing something:

-  We compile PJSIP for IOS and we get header files and libraries that we will use in xcode so how can I access the socket code and wrap it with what apple requires.
-  I read the getting started track and I am not what it means by ‘ Make sure TCP socket is wrapped with CFReadStreamRef’ 
- Is the process simply just add UIBackgroundMode flag.

I will be very thankful is someone can explain and shed more light into this process..

Bes Regards,
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