[pjsip] Unable to CANCEL a pending invite transaction

Mario Raffin raffin at ermes-cctv.com
Wed Jun 6 11:12:50 EDT 2012

Dear all,
     in my test I am using pjsip to call the x-lite softphone with 
OfficeSIP server.
I have a problem when I try to cancel an invite transaction. In 
principle my UA should see:

-----    invite     -->
<-- ringing    -----

---- CANCEL --->
<-- OK ------

My question regards the way in which I can send the CANCEL request. I am 
using pjsua so I tried
pjsua_call_hangup() with codes 486,487 and 603 but the server returns 
"401 Unhautorized".
In this situation the pjsip client close the transaction but the invided 
softphone keeps ringing.

On the contrary when I use x-lite to invite my pjsip UA and then I 
cancel the transaction all is fine.

What is the correct procedure to cancel an invite transaction?

Thank you
mario raffin

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