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Samuel Vinson samuelv at laposte.net
Tue Jun 12 18:06:02 EDT 2012

Did you look this: https://trac.pjsip.org/repos/wiki/IPAddressChange


Le 12/06/12 22:42, Tom Merriewether a écrit :
> I'm implementing a VoIP app on the iPhone and I have a problem with 
> the teardown and restart of the pjsip library.  Specifically,  when I 
> detect that the user has no network connectivity I want to halt the 
> actions of pjsip SIP send/receive until I detect that a useable 
> network is available.  Then I want to restart the SIP send/receive so 
> the the SIP sockets will bind to the new interface,  say a transition 
> from Wi-Fi to 3G.  I use pjsua_destroy to tear things down.  I use the 
> same function to bring the library back up again.  The first time I 
> bring the library up everything works.  Subsequent loads bring the 
> library up but on receiving an INVITE,  I get the error:
> Warning: 399 iPhone-iOS-5 "No suitable codec for remote offer 
> It looks like pjsua_destroy deletes/stops/kills the media subsystem. 
>  Nothing in my code explicitly loads or unloads codecs so I'm guessing 
> its a side effect.
> Question:  How do I start/stop pjsip so that I can quiesce SIP traffic 
> when no network interfaces are available and then bring it back up 
> when an interface is available .. and do this frequently,  reliably, 
>  and cleanly?  I'm doing all this because, as far as I can tell,  the 
> library does not do reachability probes and rebind sockets to the 
> appropriate interface.  According to Apple,  CFSocketStreams can pass 
> these events to a callback,  but other than mark a TCP socket as VOIP, 
>  the library appears to ignore the streams entirely.
> I know this is a lot,  what I'm really doing is trying to get around 
> the fact that the iPhone-specific code in the library does not handle 
> reachability or stream events.
> T.M.
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