[pjsip] SIP server could not send RTP data to UAC local ip after acc_check_nat_addr update the contact header

Dahang Xu xu at uxpsystems.com
Wed Jun 13 13:27:06 EDT 2012

Hi bennylp,

If I enable the allow_contact_rewrite.  For the regc_cb callback coming  it call the acc_check_nat_addr to update the contact if address changed.

During the first time register.  My client send REGISTER request to server use private local ip and the sip server ip is public  . the  response is 200  from server. the response header via sendby is my private ip and via received is public ip.  During this situation your regc_cb call acc_check_nat_addr

In pjsua_acc.cpp line 1338(pjsip 2.0)

if (via->recvd_param.slen != 0)
                via_addr = &via->recvd_param;
                via_addr = &via->sent_by.host;

change the addr to public ip .

and then found ip change so use public ip send REGISTER request again .  then sip server response via sendby and via receivend ip  is same . all change to public ip . this time the regc_cb  callback  call acc_check_nat_addr found no ip change the return.

In this situation  My client can communicate with sip server . can send/receive  INVITE from server . the problem is RTP. When call session is established only one way RTP. Server do not send RTP to my client.  Client can send RTP to server . I am look at the INVITE  SDP body the c field value is c=IN IP4 192.x.x.x.(my local ip)

So do you have any suggestion about it ?  So far my solutions is ignore the via.received address just use via.sent_by address  to do the  re-REGISTER.

Thanks a lot.


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