[pjsip] Help with pjmedia_avi_stream_set_eof_cb()

Sandeep Karanth sandeepk.kdp at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 02:54:55 EDT 2012

Hi Benny and team,
        I am trying to implement a Video IVR using pjsip 2.0 which would
play AVI files into a call. To play an AVI file I follow these steps
1)Get DTMF from user in on_dtmf_digit() call back
2) Create a new AVI device specifying the file name,if it is successful ,
get the pointer to the video stream of the device and set the call back to
be called when file playing has reached   EOF.Add the audio port interface
of the AVI device into the pjsua_conf bridge's
3)When the EOF reached call_back is called,  a)Remove the previously added
audio port

 b)Allocate a new AVI device, get the audio port interface and add it to
pjsua conf bridge
the Video capture device using
                                                                   d) Free
the old AVI device
 The call_back would return non-PJ_SUCCESS always

But the above steps throws an unhandled exception(Access violation reading)
in videodev.c
at pjmedia_vid_dev_stream_get_frame when the calling function
is enc_clock_cb() of vid_port.c

Am I doing anything wrong in the above approach? I'd like to know if any1
has tried something like this and been successful. Any feedback on this
this would be greatly helpful

Best Regards,
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