[pjsip] VP8 codec

Régis Montoya r3gis.3r at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 17:27:17 EST 2012

Hi all,

I'm pleased to share a first release of vp8 codec glue for pjsip. It 
rely on libvpx from webm project.

As usually with contributions from csipsimple it's only the C code 
(without toolchain integration as we use a separate one for now). Code 
style is probably also a little bit crappy but I count on feedback to 
make this better :).
It should be easy to use to other platforms as I think I didn't used any 
stuff specific to android in this part ;)

Important warning : it's very early stage and there is known limitation 
for unpacking frames and known possible optimizations (using vpx 
partitions). But it should allow to make vp8 calls between 2 pjsip 
clients and unless I mistaken it should comply the vp8 rtp rfc.

Code is available here :
(there's obviously one patch to add vpx payload type 

Best regards

P.S. : If you have 2 android devices with 3.x+ you can test peer to peer 
calls using csipsimple projects video plugin and nightly builds too (for 
now vp8 bitrate is fixed to 1024 kB so only suitable for good bandwidth 
situations but a setting will be added soon in the app) :
http://nightlies.csipsimple.com/plugins/CSipSimpleVideoPlugin.apk & 

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