[pjsip] URGENT - pjsip 2.1 - audio playback, audio capture do not work at all its being 4 weeks now any advise on this please?

Shamun Toha Md shamun at companysocia.com
Tue Dec 3 18:59:18 EST 2013

Hello Gaurav,

YES - basically when you call SIP server without being registered you can
still hear IVR messages like invalid or something else. I do not hear any
i also tried to register and still same no sound.

You can register and then call also:

$ pjsua-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
--id=sip:1 at --realm="*"
--username=1 --password=admin2013

You can also tell which capture device and which playback device to use:

$ pjsua-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
--id=sip:1 at --realm="*"
--username=1 --password=admin2013
--capture-dev=5 --playback-dev=0

But what-ever is given i tried and i do not have audio output and audio
capture working.

Why nobody knows anything about this issue???? i have tried version 0.9
till 2.1 all have same issue with me.

Any advise fix for this plz.

Thank you

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