[pjsip] Ubuntu 13.10 - 64-bit sip-tools - how can i install pjsip, pjsua, pjproject from package instead of source build?

Shamun Toha Md shamun at companysocia.com
Wed Dec 4 03:29:32 EST 2013

I used this the official version of:

And replaced as:

# when no sound card found


print lib.enum_snd_dev()


print lib.get_snd_dev()

 # Create local account

#acc = lib.create_account_for_transport(transport, cb=MyAccountCallback())

acc = lib.create_account(pj.AccountConfig("put your asterisk or freeswitch
ip", "sip username here", "sip password here"))

cb = MyAccountCallback(acc)



as you can see its not working still.

Then i tried to find some working tools, `python-pjsip` binary after
installing the sip-tools for Ubuntu 13.10 i do not find that tool. Is it
supposed to be available by default after installing?

sun at sun-Alienware-X51:/var/tmp$ python << TAB TAB TAB not showing any
python            python2           python2.7         python2.7-config
 python2-config    python3           python3.3         python3.3m
 python3m          python-config
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