[pjsip] SIP PBX with PJSIP

Shamun Toha Md shamun at companysocia.com
Wed Dec 4 10:52:40 EST 2013

Dear Joshua,

Thank you for your feedback.

1) Please note that Google Hangout, Skype, Flash (web chat sites),
TeamViewer, Logmein firewall/networking breaking method is the most user
friendly method and well accepted by the planet.
> Please just do not think ICE, STUN, TURN, TLS is end of history. Please
think about VPN so that a user can accept the setup friendly like we have
been shown by Google Hangout
> There are many scenarios where normal ICE, Turn, Stun does not work you
can check it in some Enterprises network (health care, government, i went
there and all those failed)

FYI Google Hangout firewall breaking method is the best to be used as
example (there WebRTC does not work the same way like Google Hangout)

2) For Video you can see Google Hangout and Skype has shown us that minimum
is also accepted as long as it works perfectly on one try.
95% will accept when it simply works but 99% will never use it if
firewall/nat issues are always over and over introduced.

Google , Skype already proved that there concepts are working so why should
we just get backward always.

Thank you, have a great evening.

Best regards
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