[pjsip] SIP PBX with PJSIP

Shamun Toha Md shamun at companysocia.com
Wed Dec 4 16:31:18 EST 2013

Hello Dan,

That kind of thoughts like we are strict and strict to "RFC 3261."
we will not move left or right or top or bottom or little bit upside and
down, will always make us look OLD guy/retired.

Google Hangout could also say "we are RFC Google" we only do XMPP or
Bria could also act similar way,

but software development is all about "fun + user friendly + more feature"
it has to help while using it and make it more exciting while using it.
Restricting us to SIP only and only, i mean !! why !!!!

If we can make , add more why not!! nobody is blocking Google Hangout? Its
getting exciting and everybody is loving it. On other hand PjSIP looks like
OLD (Grand father sort of ancient software features are limited, restricted
and old).

Thank you
Kindest regards
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