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Andreas Wehrmann andreas_wehrmann at yahoo.at
Thu Dec 5 03:47:09 EST 2013

On 12/04/2013 10:31 PM, Shamun Toha Md wrote:
> Hello Dan,
> That kind of thoughts like we are strict and strict to "RFC 3261."
> we will not move left or right or top or bottom or little bit upside and
> down, will always make us look OLD guy/retired.
> Google Hangout could also say "we are RFC Google" we only do XMPP or
> Bria could also act similar way,
> but software development is all about "fun + user friendly + more feature"
> it has to help while using it and make it more exciting while using it.
> Restricting us to SIP only and only, i mean !! why !!!!
> If we can make , add more why not!! nobody is blocking Google Hangout? Its
> getting exciting and everybody is loving it. On other hand PjSIP looks like
> OLD (Grand father sort of ancient software features are limited, restricted
> and old).
> Thank you
> Kindest regards
> /Sham

Sorry to hook in here but it seems to me you didn't get the point:
PjSIP (like Dan said) is the implementation of a SIP stack and that's it 
(hence the name!).
You're suggesting a completely new library (as in PjXMPP or something 
like that).
You'll find the problems with NAT in every SIP environment where NAT is 
in use.
It's not like it's Asterisk's or PJ's fault or anything like that.
And I definitely do not concur when you say Asterisk or Freeswitch are 
overloaded and susceptible to DoS attacks
(I know first hand because I work for a company that builds 
communication systems for emergency control centers
at the very heart of which sit Asterisk servers... and they are rock-solid).

As to what development is about:
It's also about delivering something that works reliably.
It is definitely NOT always about "more more more features"
(I happen to know a company which likes to deliver new features with 
every new version they release of their software...
and after several years now they still didn't fix some of the most 
annoying bugs BUT HEY LOOK: We've got this brand new feature....)
Maybe it's just me, but after a couple of years in the business I'm 
taking software development (and all the decisions that must be made 
during the process)
rather serious because I know that seemingly "interesting" or "good" 
choices might turn out to have been very shortsighted later on.

The main scope of Pj is media, SIP and platform independeny (did I 
forget anything?).
They've got enough work with it and I think everyone involved does a 
great job.

Just my 2 cents...

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