[pjsip] Potential issue with trunk r4661 change?

Walker, Brian brian.walker at necect.com
Thu Dec 5 13:18:58 EST 2013


I was updating my project to the latest trunk version and I noticed a potential reference counting issue in the changes made in r4661.

In both the sip_transport_tcp.c and sip_transport_tls.c the new change potentially leaves an added reference in second check added (with the check again comment).  A reference was added to the transport that is never decremented.

Should this:

    /* check again */
    if (tcp->base.is_shutdown || tcp->base.is_destroying)

be changed to this:

    /* check again */
    if (tcp->base.is_shutdown || tcp->base.is_destroying) {

or am I missing something?

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