[pjsip] H264 encoding using ffmpeg

John Q john_q61 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 6 15:49:33 EST 2013

I want to understand which parameters does ffmpeg encoder use from "ffmpeg_codec_desc" parameters in "ffmpeg_vid_codesc.c"? Suppose we change "ffmpeg_codec_desc" parameters for H264 as follows: for eg. change the resolution from {352, 288} to {576, 432} and change the frame rate from 15 to 20 but keep max and avg bit rates to 128000 (for eg.). 

Which H264 parameters does ffmpeg use to produce a stream with higher resolution, higher frame rate but same bitrate? Or what is the relationship between resolution, frame rate and bit rate?

Any input is much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
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