[pjsip] (C++) PJSUA2 Caller ID Name

Rafał Dunajski dunajski.rafal at gmail.com
Tue May 13 13:35:32 EDT 2014


I am developing simple softphone application in C++ using newest PJSUA2
library, and I have one question:

How can I put caller id name to my account registration code below:

AccountConfig acfg;
acfg.idUri = "sip:test at";
acfg.regConfig.registrarUri = "sip:";
acfg.regConfig.timeoutSec = 3600;
AuthCredInfo cred("digest", "*", "100", 0, "100");

MyAccount *acc = new MyAccount;
acc->create(acfg, true);

Thanks in advance!
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