[pjsip] tweak: speedup SRTP transport

Werner Dittmann Werner.Dittmann at t-online.de
Thu May 15 02:33:50 EDT 2014

I have not looked into the code in detail. However, the SRTP protect
usually appends some data to the exisiting buffer: the authentication
code. Thus it is usually necessary to copy the incoming data into
a bigger buffer to have room to add the authentication code.


Am 14.05.2014 16:35, schrieb Eeri Kask:
> Hello,
> it looks like SRTP-transport (pjmedia/src/pjmedia/transport_srtp.c)
> copies the whole outgoing communication (video+audio) in RAM from
> location A to B without any easily apparent purpose; e.g. for video this
> is cir 32 Kbyte/sec traffic if ffmpeg-encoder bitrate is set to 256Kbit.
>  Is it feasible to avoid this overhead?
> (In contrast, incoming communication is not copied, "srtp_unprotect()"
> operates directly on packet-buffer 'pkt'.)
>     Eeri Kask
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