[pjsip] is it possible to send raw data over pjsip via passthrough codec?

Brandon Wong brandon at abstractpixel.com
Mon May 19 11:20:27 EDT 2014

Hi everyone, I need some help.

I want to encode my own data not within pjsip then send it over to another
and decode it not within pjsip.

For an attempt to do this:

1) i filled up a "mem player" buffer with static data (eg. filled with the
char 'A')

2) i set the codec to PCMU/8000/1 (which should be a lossless passthrough)
and also tried this with a custom codec that just copies the input to the
output for an effective passthrough...

3) i make a call
connect the mem player to that call

4) on the other end
i connect the call to a file writer

the data that gets written is not the same as the buffer that i created.

when i connect the "mem player" directly to the "file writer" within the
same app, i do get the results i am looking for.

If anyone can offer some insights on why this is not working properly, or
an alternate route i should take... I would be very grateful!

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