[pjsip] Bug in H264 decode buffer size

Bill Gardner billg at wavearts.com
Mon May 19 12:15:04 EDT 2014

I'd like to report a bug in how PJSIP 2.2 allocates H264 video decode 
buffer. I discovered the issue when connecting to another endpoint 
sending 4CIF format video (704x576), using H264. This resulted in no 
video decoding and the following repeated errors in log:

10:02:34.142 vstdec0298F6EC  Error: not enough buffer for decoded frame 
(supplied=589824, required=608256)
10:02:34.169 vstdec0298F6EC  codec decode() error: Size is too short 
(PJ_ETOOSMALL) [err:70019]

PJSIP uses the largest possible frame supported by the H264 profile 
level which also has 3/2 aspect ratio, in multiples of 16 pixels (the 
H264 macroblock size). See function find_highest_res() in 
vid_codec_util.c. So at level 3.0 PJSIP allocates a 768x512 frame, 
exactly 3/2 aspect ratio. PJSIP can resize dynamically, but only to 
smaller frame sizes. So when 4CIF comes in at 704x576 (which is a 
slightly larger image but still supported by level 3.0) PJSIP can't 
decode the video and emits error messages. Fortunately an easy 
workaround is to set the profile level to 3.1 and then PJSIP allocates a 
pretty huge frame for decoding.

It seems the proper fix is to allocate a frame buffer large enough to 
hold the maximum number of macroblocks for the profile level, without 
concern for accurate aspect ratio. I realize now that 4CIF is 1620 
macroblocks which is the maximum for profile level 3.0, and 704x576 is 
the closest to 3/2 ratio you can get using 1620 macroblocks. So maybe 
these max sizes need to be baked in?


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