[pjsip] Bug in H264 decode buffer size

Bill Gardner billg at wavearts.com
Wed May 21 13:54:36 EDT 2014

Hi Eeri,

Upon re-examination of find_highest_res, I see it does get the aspect 
ratio from the 720x480 size in ffmpeg_codec_desc. So if I change this 
default size to 704x576 (4CIF), pjsip will allocate an equivalent sized 
frame for decoding.

I was also mistaken when I said 4CIF used the maximum macroblocks for 
level 3.0, the table below gives more info:

4CIF: 704x576 => 44x36 mb = 1584 mb, 11/9 ratio
pjsip: 720x480 => 45x30 mb = 1350 mb, 3/2 ratio
max 3.0: 720x576 => 45x36 mb = 1620 mb, 5/4 ratio

So to safely connect to other H264 endpoints at level 3.0, I think the 
ffmpeg table should use 720x576. I will try that.

My understanding of the H264 spec is that each level limits the maximum 
picture size in terms of macroblocks, but any aspect ratio appears be 
supported. The spec also limits the bandwidth in terms of 
macroblocks/sec, for level 3.0 the max mb/s is 40500, max picture size 
is 1620 mb, so this limit the frame rate to 25 fps when transmitting the 
largest picture. But smaller pictures at higher framerates are clearly 
supported. The SDP only offers profile level, the picture size isn't 
known until the SPS comes in with the video stream, and that typically 
doesn't happen until after the client requests a fast_picture_update.


On 5/21/2014 9:29 AM, Eeri Kask wrote:
> On Mon, 19 May 2014 12:15:04 -0400, Bill Gardner wrote:
>> [...]
>> PJSIP uses the largest possible frame supported by the H264 profile
>> level which also has 3/2 aspect ratio, in multiples of 16 pixels (the
>> H264 macroblock size). See function find_highest_res() in
>> vid_codec_util.c. So at level 3.0 PJSIP allocates a 768x512 frame,
>> exactly 3/2 aspect ratio. PJSIP can resize dynamically, but only to
>> smaller frame sizes. So when 4CIF comes in at 704x576 (which is a
>> slightly larger image but still supported by level 3.0) PJSIP can't
>> decode the video and emits error messages. Fortunately an easy
>> workaround is to set the profile level to 3.1 and then PJSIP allocates a
>> pretty huge frame for decoding.
> Just curious, where does this imposed 3/2 aspect ratio come from?
> (Has it indirectly anything to do with the default 720x480 at 15 for h264
> in PJSIP as in ffmpeg_vid_codecs.c?)
> If  "ITU-T H.264 Appendix A.3.1 e), f), g)"  is the proper document then
> level 3.0 (max image size in macroblocks = 1620) should support frame
> sizes (in pixels) something like from
>      640 x 640  (quadratic)
> to
>      1808 x 16  (most "nonquadratic")
> according to the size constraints specified there?
> Does SIP/SDP pose additional restrictions?
> P.S. Would anything change if the other endpoint reduces offered fps?
>      Eeri Kask
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