[pjsip] Codec priorties on iOS

Brandon Wong brandon at abstractpixel.com
Thu May 29 10:33:55 EDT 2014

Hi I am trying to use "L16/16000/1" to connect a call from osx to ios.
 they both run the same pjsip code but on their respective targets.

I call this...


and on call negotiation i see it at the top of the list.  but it still
chooses speex 16000

if i use pcmu/8000/1 it works as expected.

and for some odd reason i am not getting logging info from the ios device
so i am seeing all of this from the os x perspective.

is it possible the server/network doesnt support that codec?

how can i see what ios is supporting? is there a fix for the logging issue?



ps. does anyone have pjsip running in the xcode debugger? i built with
symbols and added the headers and i still cant step through the code.
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