[pjsip] Codec priorties on iOS

Brandon Wong brandon at abstractpixel.com
Thu May 29 10:49:46 EDT 2014

Ok so this little blob will help you see what the ios has...

    pjsua_codec_info c[32];

    unsigned k, count = PJ_ARRAY_SIZE(c);

    printf("List of audio codecs:\n");

    pjsua_enum_codecs(c, &count);

    for (k=0; k<count; ++k) {

        printf("  %d\t%.*s\n", c[k].priority, (int)c[k].codec_id.slen,



*List of audio codecs:*

*  130 speex/16000/1*

*  129 speex/8000/1*

*  128 speex/32000/1*

*  128 iLBC/8000/1*

*  128 GSM/8000/1*

*  128 PCMU/8000/1*

*  128 PCMA/8000/1*

what is cool is that it does see one of my custom codecs if i add it to the

perhaps the ios build is not including the L16 codecs? is there a way to

thanks, Brandon

On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 7:33 AM, Brandon Wong <brandon at abstractpixel.com>

> Hi I am trying to use "L16/16000/1" to connect a call from osx to ios.
>  they both run the same pjsip code but on their respective targets.
> I call this...
> pjsua_codec_set_priority(pj_cstr(&l16codec,"L16/1600/1"),200);
> and on call negotiation i see it at the top of the list.  but it still
> chooses speex 16000
> if i use pcmu/8000/1 it works as expected.
> and for some odd reason i am not getting logging info from the ios device
> so i am seeing all of this from the os x perspective.
> is it possible the server/network doesnt support that codec?
> how can i see what ios is supporting? is there a fix for the logging issue?
> thanks,
> Brandon
> ps. does anyone have pjsip running in the xcode debugger? i built with
> symbols and added the headers and i still cant step through the code.
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