[pjsip] Too many video codecs cause a stack overflow on Android

Roy Zhang roy.zhang at browan.com
Fri Oct 23 08:03:22 EDT 2015

Recently I met a bug which is caused by a very big sized local array and is
mainly about stack overflow.

In my test, when I started a video call, PjSIP run into this function:

In this function, there is a local array:

pjmedia_vid_codec_info codec_info[PJMEDIA_VID_CODEC_MGR_MAX_CODECS];

the array's size on Android in my situation was 204*32=6528 bytes but the
thread's stack left may not be enough to hold it and hence it crashed.

So I think there should be an option to set this value and currently I just
define this macro to be 4. Thanks all.


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