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Dear sir


Can you help me how to video calling in sip using pjsip....




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Hello All,

I am beginner to SIP calling. While exploring sample android app given by
pjsip. I found following issues.

*	Call gets disconnected automatically after few seconds.
*	Video Rendering issue
*	Not able to register/call using wifi.(csipsimple works with same
wifi connection)

Video Rendering :

I have installed sample app on two devices. Samsung Note 2 and Moto G (first
gen). When I place call lets say from Samsung Note 2 to Moto G. I am able to
view Video frame incoming and outgoing just fine in Moto G(incoming call
receiver end). Where as in Samsung Note 2 I am just able to view my
preview(Outgoing call end). Video preview stops rendering in ongoing call.

Call Disconnection :

After few seconds ongoing call gets disconnected automatically.


Registration/Call using wifi :

I am getting request timeout for registration or making call. I am using
linphone server. Tried two three free sip providers also. Registration/call
works in csipsimple and even in linphone app just fine with same accounts.


Manoj M.M

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