[pjsip] Call Disconnected after Request timeout

Harald Radke harryrat at gmx.de
Sat Oct 31 04:27:48 EDT 2015

Hi there

check out:

you can modified the basic timeout behaviour, e.g. how long to wait for
a reply before considering the call to be dead, etc...during this time
PJSIP sends out retransmissions until the timeout fires. the timer names
match those of the RFC



Am 29.10.2015 um 17:21 schrieb Alicia Romero:
> Hi List,
> I have realised that when a request is sended, if there is no answer
> after a timeout the call is disconnected.
> Is there a way to configure that after the timeout the call is NOT
> disconnected?
> And is there a way to configure the times  a request is retransmitted?
> Thanks!

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