[pjsip] Receiving Multicast messages

Matthew Murphy mrmdev at outlook.com
Tue Apr 5 15:38:13 EDT 2016

Greetings everyone!

I am attempting to create a small device that will listen for audio streams at a specific multicast address. I have used example code to get a rudimentary client built (I can register/unregister with an Asterisk server and receive calls and everything works great). I have spent a while looking at the streamutil.c file because my searches seem to indicate that I should look there to get a handle on how to do this. But to be honest, I am having trouble deciphering exactly how all these pieces fit together. It looks like there is a lot of code there to set up a stream to transmit, but I want mine to only listen. In my head, I feel like I should be able to make a few API calls to specify the multicast IP and port and whenever something shows up there, I'll hear it on my speakers. I know there is a lot going on, and at some point I want to be able to do this dynamically. But right now it is just proof-of-concept kind of stuff.

Can anyone point me to something that may help me get a better handle on where I should start?

Thanks a lot you guys!
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