[pjsip] pjsua stops to re-register

Martin Ohlsson martin.ohlsson at telavox.se
Thu Apr 7 03:33:41 EDT 2016


Sometimes I notice that ojsua suddenly stops to re-register.

This is the last trace:

pjsua_acc.c  ....sip:u019304059 at sipproxy4.telavox.se: registration success,
status=200 (OK), will re-register in 120 seconds
pjsua_acc.c  ....Keep-alive timer started for acc 0, destination:, interval:15s

No following logs can be found that would explain this; no resolve errors
or unregistration message.

I notices this issue when tracing outgoing calls that seemed to be blocked
after calling pjsua_call_make_call(...).

Does anyone have any idea of what could make this happen?

Best regards,

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