[pjsip] Query regarding Video Media attribute in SDP in PJSIP Code

Vikas Sharma vikas.sharma at vvdntech.in
Mon Apr 11 13:23:18 EDT 2016


I have attached a snapshot here for your reference.I want to hardcode below
media attribute parameters in SDP in the PJSIP code.




I have made the changes in the *endpoint.c* file for above media details
and i am able to see these media attributes in the INVITE-200 OK
transmission in wireshark.*(starting call from PJSIP endpoint to linphone

But after getting the 200 OK packet at the PJSIP endpoint ,the PJSIP code
modifies the attribute for video to *inactive* and sends an UPDATE packet
to other end and i am not able to see the video at PJSIP endpoint.Now the
SDP is like below.


Kindly let me know the reason of this and How can i disable this update in
SDP attributes to see the video at my end.

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