[pjsip] pjsua2 endpoint.onSelectAccount not called

Niels Klaas PJSIP_ML pjsip.org at nylz.de
Tue Apr 12 10:33:28 EDT 2016

using python with pjsua version 2.4 for 

As far as I understood the documentation, a the callback 
Endpoint.onSelectAccount has to be called for every unsolicited incoming 
NOTIFY request.
This does not happen in my application. What am I doing wrong?


class MyClass():
     def __init__(self):
         self.endpoint = pj.Endpoint_instance()
         self.endpoint.onSelectAccount = self.onSelectAccount

     def onSelectAccount(self, osap):
         Logger.logdebug("*  *  * MyClass.onSelectAccount called *  *  

Later on, I get incoming NOTIFY - Request by a peer. I see the RX in the 
pjsua-logoutput, but no event is triggered.

thx in advance...

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