[pjsip] set flag on packet for retransmition

poste9 poste9 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 08:34:23 EDT 2016

I have implemented the libx264 codec for video call using pjsip and Im
wondering if there is any way to make sure a specific packet has arrived.

Im not talking about frames but I would like to send SEI/SPS/PPS only one
time and make sure they arrived on the other side.

At this moment I managed to send the packets but in a real world
application I cant know if they will reach the other end.

I could use something to make that signaling by myself but I would lose

My real question is if I can set some flag on the rtp packet or maybe using
pjmedia itself to mark the header packets and get a response from the other
end when its all good. And of course using something RFC like.

I hope I managed to explain myself and thank you all in advance.
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