[pjsip] Deadlock In Media State Handler

Colin Morelli colin.morelli at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 19:43:27 EDT 2016

Hey all,

Possibly I'm missing something stupid here (probably), but I'm getting a
deadlock with PJSIP 2.4.5 in the iPhone Simulator (x86_64) on iOS 9.3. My
process is this:

Init PJSIP on main thread
Register account via TCP
Receive incoming call
"Answer" call with 180 ringing, prompt the user to answer the call
When user taps "answer" (again, main thread), send 200 OK and connect the
conference ports

Here are the logs:


Interestingly this was working earlier today, and I haven't really changed
anything. But, it is failing consistently now. Has anyone else seen this?

Thanks in advance.

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