[pjsip] Multiple transport listeners patch

Alexandre Viau aviau at debian.org
Mon Apr 25 16:14:01 EDT 2016


This patch was submitted two times in the past:

October 2014:

January 2015:

On behalf of Adrien, I am trying again.

Could you guys please take a look? I am sure Adrien and the folks at
Savoir-faire Linux will take the time to modify the patch should it be

Ring (https://ring.cx) is going to be shipped in Debian. At the moment,
we have no choice but to ship a patched copy of pjsip along with Ring.
This is an unfortunate situation and we would love to get it sorted out.

This is not the only pjsip patch that is needed for Ring. Other patches
were not submitted to this list because of the lack of response. It
would be a good start to get this one merged and then move on with others.

Is there anything we can do to bring attention to this issue?


Alexandre Viau
aviau at debian.org

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I sent this message a few months ago, but got no reply :-(

Could you please take a look ?


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De: "Adrien Béraud" <adrien.beraud at savoirfairelinux.com>
À: pjsip at lists.pjsip.org
Envoyé: Samedi 25 Octobre 2014 18:02:52
Objet: Multiple transport listeners patch


We noticed PJSIP only supports a single transport listener (tpfactory)
by transport type.
For instance, only a single TLS listener can be created for a given
PJSIP endpoint (or two with IPv4 + IPv6).

This issue was reported multiple times over the years
(e.g https://trac.pjsip.org/repos/ticket/1019
https://trac.pjsip.org/repos/ticket/1083 etc.)

TLS was not heavily used before, but since last years it's kind of a big
priority for many to be able to setup secure communications.
UDP is not affected because it's connectionless, so there is no "listener".

We looked at the sip_transport code and the fix was so simple that it
looked too good to be true. Maybe it is ?

The patch is bellow, so please take a look and merge if you think it's
For security reasons, the patch forces providing an explicit listener to
create a new TLS / encrypted transport, to avoid data being encrypted
with the wrong keys if the listener/factory was selected automatically.


Adrien Béraud,
SFLphone developper ( sflphone.org )
Savoir-faire Linux Inc.

diff --git a/pjproject/pjsip/src/pjsip/sip_transport.c
index 4b2cc1a..22e3603 100644
--- a/pjsip/src/pjsip/sip_transport.c
+++ b/pjsip/src/pjsip/sip_transport.c
@@ -1179,22 +1179,22 @@ PJ_DEF(pj_status_t)
pjsip_tpmgr_register_tpfactory( pjsip_tpmgr *mgr,


-    /* Check that no factory with the same type has been registered. */
+    /* Check that no factory with the same type and bound address has
been registered. */
     status = PJ_SUCCESS;
     for (p=mgr->factory_list.next; p!=&mgr->factory_list; p=p->next) {
-        if (p->type == tpf->type) {
-            status = PJSIP_ETYPEEXISTS;
-            break;
-        }
-        if (p == tpf) {
-            status = PJ_EEXISTS;
-            break;
-        }
+        if (p->type == tpf->type && !pj_sockaddr_cmp(&tpf->local_addr,
&p->local_addr)) {
+            status = PJSIP_ETYPEEXISTS;
+            break;
+        }
+        if (p == tpf) {
+            status = PJ_EEXISTS;
+            break;
+        }

     if (status != PJ_SUCCESS) {
-        pj_lock_release(mgr->lock);
-        return status;
+        pj_lock_release(mgr->lock);
+        return status;

     pj_list_insert_before(&mgr->factory_list, tpf);
@@ -1909,13 +1909,11 @@ PJ_DEF(pj_status_t)
pjsip_tpmgr_acquire_transport2(pjsip_tpmgr *mgr,
         pj_memcpy(&key.rem_addr, remote, addr_len);

         transport = (pjsip_transport*)
-                    pj_hash_get(mgr->table, &key, key_len, NULL);
+    pj_hash_get(mgr->table, &key, key_len, NULL);
+    unsigned flag = pjsip_transport_get_flag_from_type(type);
         if (transport == NULL) {
-            unsigned flag = pjsip_transport_get_flag_from_type(type);
             const pj_sockaddr *remote_addr = (const pj_sockaddr*)remote;

             /* Ignore address for loop transports. */
             if (type == PJSIP_TRANSPORT_LOOP ||
                      type == PJSIP_TRANSPORT_LOOP_DGRAM)
@@ -1954,6 +1952,11 @@ PJ_DEF(pj_status_t)
pjsip_tpmgr_acquire_transport2(pjsip_tpmgr *mgr,
             return PJ_SUCCESS;

+    if (flag & PJSIP_TRANSPORT_SECURE) {
+        TRACE_((THIS_FILE, "Can't create new TLS transport with no
provided suitable TLS listener."));
+    }
          * Transport not found!
          * Find factory that can create such transport.

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