[pjsip] Regarding Make Audio Call iOS

Prem Sagar Tiwari prem.sagar at medma.in
Tue Apr 26 02:54:58 EDT 2016

pjsua_call_make_call(pjsua_acc_id acc_id,
					  const pj_str_t *dst_uri,
					  const pjsua_call_setting *opt,
					  void *user_data,
					  const pjsua_msg_data *msg_data,
					  pjsua_call_id *p_call_id)

How can I get user data at incoming call receiver's end? I am sending 
user data by calling function below:

status = pjsua_call_make_call(_acc_id, &uri, 0, (__bridge void 
*)(rating), NULL, NULL);
     if (status != PJ_SUCCESS) error_exit("Error making call", status);

I am sending "(__bridge void *)(rating)" as user data and want to 
receive at incoming call receiver's end. How? Kindly reply?

Thanks & Regards

Prem Sagar Tiwari
Software Engineer
Medma Infomatix (P) Ltd.
Email - prem.sagar at medma.in
URL - www.medma.net


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