[pjsip] Merging two outbound calls on Device side

sajjad raza itszaidi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 07:33:17 EDT 2016

   I am using PJSIP 1.x for iPhone Along with GOSSIP (ObjC library for
PJSIP). I want to to merge two outbound calls on device side. Let me
elaborate a little bit

User A calls B
User A calls C  (this time B will be on Hold).
User A merges the both calls and now A, B  and C can hear each other.

This is very much similar to Conference call but maintained at device side.
Please tell me is this possible and if yes please suggest some starting

Pardon for any inconvenience.
Thanks in advance

Sayed Sajjad Raza Zaidi

T : +923353130446
E : itszaidi at gmail.com
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