[pjsip] Changing codec parameter dynamically

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Fri Dec 2 18:12:12 EST 2016


In my project where I simulate some kind of push to talk, I need to be able
to have no payload in the RTP packets when the PTT is off. I succeeded to
do that by removing the payload in a custom transport adapter and the
transport_send_rtp callback (but is it the best way to do that?).
Anyway my second need is to change the frequency of RTP packets when I
remove the payload (PTT off). For example:
with audio: RTP frame every 20ms
without audio: RTP frame every 200ms
So I was thinking of dynamically changing the ptime of the codec in use,
but I don't figure out how to do that (again this may not be the right way
to do it, any other suggestion welcome then).
Could anybody give me an hint?

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