[pjsip] Cannot register with SIP server

Eric Le Bras eric.lebras at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 05:48:31 EST 2016

I've finaly found the issue. Indeed, there was 2 issues:
1: I had to add option --no-tcp. My configuration is now as follows:
--id sip:0954xxxxxx at freephonie.net
--registrar sip:freephonie.net
--realm freephonie.net
--username 0954xxxxxx
--password xxxxxxxx
==> registration problem solved.

2: I cannot register and make the call with a single command line, because
the INVITE message is sent by pjsua before we receive the REGISTERED
message from the server, so the server rejects the call. Is it possible to
add a delay before sending the INVITE message?
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