[pjsip] capture log-messages of pjsua.Lib()

Roland Koebler rk-list at simple-is-better.org
Sat Dec 17 10:45:52 EST 2016


when using pjsua from Python, the library always prints the log-messages
for pjsua.Lib() to stdout:

>>> import pjsua
>>> lib = pjsua.Lib()
16:42:34.584 os_core_unix.c !pjlib 2.5.5 for POSIX initialized
16:42:34.584 sip_endpoint.c  .Creating endpoint instance...
16:42:34.584          pjlib  .select() I/O Queue created (0x2018100)
16:42:34.584 sip_endpoint.c  .Module "mod-msg-print" registered
16:42:34.584 sip_transport.  .Transport manager created.
16:42:34.584   pjsua_core.c  .PJSUA state changed: NULL --> CREATED

That's ugly.
Is there a way to prevent this, so that these log-messages also use the


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