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I have a problem with call transfer using pjsua2 api. Actually I don't
understand how this should be implemented for attended call (where the
calls to the transfer target and the transferee are made from the
transferor before doing the transfer).

My issue is on the transferee: pjsua is replacing the active call with the
transferor with the new call it creates with the transfer target. The same
Call class instance is used for both calls (the lookup method changes the
id to match the searched id).
Therefore, when the transferee receives the BYE from the transferor, it
deletes the Call instance which is used for both calls, whereas pjsua still
keeps a reference to the new call with the target transfer, which ends with
a program exception.

I implemented the onCallTransferRequest() callback in the transferee but I
do nothing here (pjsua doesn't do anything in its callback)
My question is: how should I process this kind of transfer using pjsua2?

Thanks for your help and merry Christmas.
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