[pjsip] Wired vs WiFi on Windows UWP-Raspberry PI

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Mon Jan 9 18:17:30 EST 2017



We are running PJSIP on a Raspberry PI with Windows IoT. When we place a
call over WiFi the audio works in both directions. When a call is placed
using the LAN connection we are able to hear incoming (playback) audio, but
the outgoing (capture) does not produce any sound.


When we debug, we see that codec and sample rate are the same, but we dont
see audio going out to the network (when using LAN). I am unsure if we're
not getting audio from the device or if there is something causing the audio
to not be transmitted to RTP.


Any assistance would be appreciated,


Let me know if you'd like to see the logs from working vs non-working



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