[pjsip] RFC 2833 DTMF digit detection problem

Eric Le Bras eric.lebras at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 03:25:12 EST 2017


I am building a Python application based on pjsua library. One
functionality involves detecting dtmf digits. The caller goes through
a SIP trunk, and sends DTMF signals to the Python SIP user agent I am
creating. My understanding is that the SIP trunk uses RFC 2833 to send
RTP packets for DTMF digits. However, the on_dtmf_digit method I added
to my CallCallback class is never run.

def on_dtmf_digit(self, digits):
    print "DTMF received, digit=", digits

outputs nothing.

I made testings using pjsua command line tool to trace packets,
however nothing is traced when I send DTMF digits. Should'nt I notice
incoming RTP packets when hitting the telephone numbers?

Thank you for your help.


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