[pjsip] Problem with registration and call over WiMAX

Bojan Tanasijevic bojan.tanasijevic at tp.rs
Sat Jan 14 06:15:12 EST 2017

Thank you Andrzey I tried this but it doesn't make any change.

In the meantime I made an experiment with CSipSimple client (of course I
set all parameters to connect to my server) and the call is established!
Currently I am try to analyze all differences in implementation.

The biggest difference is because they use pjsua and I use pjsua2. Perhaps
the problem could be here?


On Jan 13, 2017 10:02, "Andrzej Grajnert" <frogersik at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, please try register acccount with some of these options
> accountConfig.getNatConfig().setSipOutboundUse(PJ_TRUE_get());
> accountConfig.getNatConfig().setViaRewriteUse(PJ_TRUE_get());
> accountConfig.getNatConfig().setContactRewriteUse(PJ_TRUE_get())
> Br
> Andrzej
> W dniu 2017-01-12 o 13:30, Bojan Tanasijevic pisze:
>> Hi all,
>> I use PJSIP 2.5.5 and PJSUA2 java wrapper in my android application and
>> I have two major problems over WiMAX. Generally it works over WiFi and
>> 3G but sometimes I got the same situation.
>> 1. Registration on Asterisk server is not performed at specified
>> intervals (how it is set in the library).
>> 2. Problem with call. Here are the steps:
>>  a. Client sends INVITE.
>>  b. Server reject INVITE with status Unathorized.
>>  c. Client sends new INVITE with authorization header. <- THIS "INVITE"
>> Any help?
>> Thank you.
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