[pjsip] packetization-mode with pjsip 2.6

Esty, Ryan ryan.esty at necect.com
Tue Apr 3 13:20:03 EDT 2018

Hi PJSIP list,

I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that with openh264 1.6 and pjsip 2.6 they have any devices that send packetization-mode set to 1 and pjsip was able to decode it. I'm asking because I have a device that sends with packetization-mode set to 1 only and pjsip says it can't decode the h264 packets. I do see in the change log it is supposed to work but pjsip keeps on spitting out "Decode couldn't produce picture". Only the pjsip side doesn't produce a picture the other side can decode it just fine. For reference I'm trying to use webrtc through sipml5 by Doubango.

Ryan Esty
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