[pjsip] Getting notified on RTP/RTCP address changes

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I see. I did not understand your use case. You are talking about the _source_ port. I am not familiar with any SDP attribute that specifies the source port as you are suggesting, nor can I think of any use case where one would care. What are you trying to do?

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Hello Marcel,

PJSIP automatically adjusts these addresses if it detects a different source address and/or port. This can be disabled with the PJMEDIA_UDP_NO_SRC_ADDR_CHECKING flag, but some SIP clients will use a dummy port in the SDP and then transmit from a different port, so disabling PJSIP's automatic switching behavior is not useful/helpful. There is also nothing I can do about the SIP clients in question, so it would be nice if there was a way to subscribe to these source address/port changes so I can update my application appropriately.

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you will need to use a packet sniffer to diagnose this type of issue. An application will only receive packets on the ports it is listening on. If you want to change the port your application listens on, you need to use the SIP re-invite process (which exchanges a new SDP)

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Subject: [pjsip] Getting notified on RTP/RTCP address changes

Is there some way to get notified when the RTP/RTCP address changes in pjsip, for example when pjsip notices a stream coming from a different port number than the original port number from the SDP?

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