[pjsip] Certificate (.crt) location for android app(Android studio) for TLS

Vasile Mihai mike_vmt at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 14 16:21:26 EDT 2018

Hello,While working on a demo app that must implement SRTP and TLS I came to a stop when facing a problem. The documentation is well done and helped me easily implement most of the functionalities that I needed, however, when trying to load up certificates, as per the documentation, the syntax should be: "tlsConfig.setCaListFile("ca.crt");". However I could not locate any other settings regarding this, so I am facing the problem of not knowing where does the library needs to have this certificates. The registration state when i attempt to load the crt from several locations, is: "PJSIP_SC_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE No such file or directory"
So, in short: Where do I need to place my certificates, or how, in order for PJSIP to be able to load them, when developing in ANDROID STUDIO (3.0.1) with a target and compile sdk version of 26.
Thanks a lot, and any help would be much appreciated,Mike.
p.s.:the library does include openssl as evidenced by tls working without certificates.
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