[pjsip] individual codec parameters for every call

Stefan Fendt stefan at sfendt.de
Wed Apr 25 04:04:19 EDT 2018


I would like to experiment with some audio-codecs (one of them sitting on an external device --> AMBE-chip). So I wrote a simple pjsua2-based frontend (works) and after that I now try to implement my own variant of a passthrough-codec which should use a callback-function whenever audio-frames need to be encoded into codec-frames and another callback-function for the reverse way. 

Obviously this will require me to set these callback-functions (very much preferably on a by call basis) and this is the point where I somewhat got stuck. It seems to me, that there is no way of doing so without patching pjsua2? 

If so, could someone please give me a hint for a good starting-point for doing this starting from pj::Call? Can I -- for instance in onCallMediaState (or another callback from within pj::Call) -- just call pjsua_codec_set_param? And if so, how would this be directed/mapped to the codec-instance used for the current call?

Many thanks in advance,
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