[pjsip] Ris: individual codec parameters for every call

Stefan Fendt stefan at sfendt.de
Wed Apr 25 10:44:42 EDT 2018

>You have to implement your own media transport adapter. 
I have used it to mangle rtp packet in one of my projects. You can use it to completely rewrote rtp packet.

Which is not what I want to do. Actually I do not want to mess with the network-stream but with the audio and/or audio-quality of different audio-codecs. 


As far as I understand this wiki-article the MediaTransportAdapter sits right in between Media and MediaTransport. So it could see codec-frames but not audio-frames. For what I want to do it is essential that I can see both. This was the main reason, why I thought it would be a good idea to just  implement a passthrough-codec.

Maybe I didn't explain too well, what I want to do, so I'll try to detail it a little bit more:

I have some external audio-codecs. That is not inside pjsip/pjsua. Some are software-based and I could integrate them into pjsip, some are hardware-based -- yes, some neat multi-legged black silicone-bug sitting on a PCB outside of the PC. All these codecs require callbacks for setting parameters and for doing the actual samples<-->codecframes translation, "somewhere(tm)" inside of pjsua/pjsip.

I am looking for the most effective, least obscure way of integrating an external audio-codec into pjsip/pjsua while keeping it external (I need to for the PCB-codecs for obvious reasons) and being able to tweak it's parameters during an active call.

all the best,
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