Error Assertion pj_ioqueue_register_sock2

Ivan Lamberti
Thu, May 5, 2022 12:26 PM

For my project I want to establish 2 rtp streams connections customizable (in some field as ipaddress, port, codec, ecc) from the user throught a web interface at run time. Whenever the user edit some rtp stream and press the confirmation button, my backend application save the new data, tear down the old streams (closing the rtp and rtcp transport/socket) and then it will create the new streame selected.It seems to work for a large number of times, until my application crashes and reports this error due to the source ioqueue_select.c:

pj_ioqueue_register_sock2: Assertion '!pj_list_empty(&ioqueue->free_list)' failed.

Someone can explain the problem to me?


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